About Family RV

       Family RV Rentals is a growing RV Business in Holly Springs NC, started in early 2015. We believe that camping will bring families together and help take the stress off of life. Although the company started in 2015, we have been in the market of camper / rv rentals for four years now. Our first camping experience was one that brought the entire family together and a very memorable one. Ever since then, we have a passion for camping and want to share the experience with everyone.
        At Family RV Rentals, we treat everyone here like family. The experience from pick up to drop off, or set up and take down, is a easy as possible. Our goal is to have everyone who rents from us create memories they will never forget. We truly believe that the secret to life is the memories you will create and the good times you will have. The better the memories, the healthier and happier life you will have. Taking the stress off by renting from Family RV will create a memorable experience everyone deserves.
We specialize in  camper rentals and a luxury bunkhouse RV rentals.